March 2016

I found this article about craft beer trends. It has me excited about what variety we will be seeing this year. I’m really interested in trying out some of the newer hard root beers we may be seeing. There is a good one from “Not your dad’s root beer” that’s been around, but it looks like other breweries will start offering some more soda flavored


December 2015
Pop & Stop – You Can’t Afford to be Without One!

Pop & Stop – You Can’t Afford to be Without One! Think about all the money you’re wasting without your $7.99 Pop & Stop. With the holidays and parties around the corner, it’s a good time to invest in one today and here’s why. Pop&Stop makes a fun gift or stocking stuffer for your friends or family, and it’s less than $10. We make them


October 2015
Great American Beer Festival!

The Great American Beer Festival was a great experience! Over the three days of the festival, more than 60,000 people filtered in and out, giving us the opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people and to introduce them to our product. There are no friendlier people than those in the beer community. Beer has always been a communal product, and that makes the


August 2015

We had a really great time at Leftapalooza, which was a tribute band competition and beer festival at Left Hand Brewing company in Longmont, Colorado. The music was great and entertaining. We got to see a Styx tribute band, Rush, REM, U2, B-52s, Allman Brothers, and then Dead Floyd with the grand finale. It was a super fun event, and we sold a lot of


July 2015
Culture Jam

(picture from lefthand’s photographer)   We arrived to Culture Jam on a sporadically cloudy day, but no clouds could dampen our excitement to expose a bunch of beer lovers to their next favorite product: Pop & Stop. We set up our booth in slot 22, and began the preparations for the day to come. Josh, the kind and energetic coordinator of the event helped a



July 2015