Craft beer trends for 2016

I found this article about craft beer trends. It has me excited about what variety we will be seeing this year. I’m really interested in trying out some of the newer hard root beers we may be seeing. There is a good one from “Not your dad’s root beer” that’s been around, but it looks like other breweries will start offering some more soda flavored craft beers. I also have always been a Nitro fan, so it’s really interesting to see the increased offerings of Nitro beer available at stores. I’m going to try the ones from @lefthandbrewing as soon as possible. Maybe tonight…..

Also, the hard ciders bring an interesting trend to the craft beer industry, and they are a really good use for your Pop&Stop. Sour beers are another great use for the Pop&Stop, since those are typically not a beer that one will really want to complete in one sitting. A sour beer is great if you can savor it. Click here to read the article on Fortune magazines site, and keep us posted on some of the new trends that you really like.


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Nick Wigston

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