Great American Beer Festival!

Great American Beer Festival!

The Great American Beer Festival was a great experience! Over the three days of the festival, more than 60,000 people filtered in and out, giving us the opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people and to introduce them to our product. There are no friendlier people than those in the beer community. Beer has always been a communal product, and that makes the people who make it and who enjoy it a special breed. They are welcoming, eager to discuss anything that has to do with beer, and are always excited to bring new people into the community.

GABF beer upside down

This is why we were so excited to bring our Pop&Stop to the Great American Beer Festival. We knew that we would find people who understood the tragedy of wasted beer and would be enthusiastic about a product that makes it possible to stop wasting beer.

GABF crew in tshirts

The GABF is always a great experience. I loved how the festival is set up—by region, so you can meet people from your local area and sample beer made right in your own home town. It is also interesting to see how craft beer varies from region to region. Just as in everything, even beer has trends and I enjoyed getting to sample lots of different beers from around the country, just as much as I enjoyed showing our beer opener and sealer to those who make and enjoy beer, from very commercial brands to microbrew.

GABF bottle with pop&stop

The Pop&Stop saw a lot of success at the GABF. It’s just as great for those that love craft beer as for those who have their own microbrewery and make their own drafts. It was great to hear that Carleen from Kickass Marketing thought the product is “insane,” and could be a great marketing product or given away as Christmas presents. There were a few brewers that said the Pop&Stop pairs perfectly with their beers. Because it allows you to not just open the beer, but also seal it again, it’s the ultimate for any beer accessory, according to Michael, the Beer Ambassador from an Irvine, CA radio show.

GABF booth 2015

We were thrilled to meet a lot of great people and to be able to show them a product that we know anyone who loves beer will love. The Great American Beer Festival was a success—not just because we got to drink great beer, but also because the Pop&Stop got so much exposure!

GABF packaging array

Nick Wigston

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