Pop & Stop – You Can’t Afford to be Without One!

Pop & Stop – You Can’t Afford to be Without One!

Think about all the money you’re wasting without your $7.99 Pop & Stop. With the holidays and parties around the corner, it’s a good time to invest in one today and here’s why.

  • Pop&Stop makes a fun gift or stocking stuffer for your friends or family, and it’s less than $10. We make them for beer bottles AND champagne bottles. If you want one for champagne, choose the Pop&Stop XL.
  • Now you can buy those fancy craft bombers that you’ve been eyeing at the liquor store without worrying whether you will finish them or not. You could even buy a few bombers, try a glass from each one, then seal them all in the fridge for another day.


  • No more spilled beer. The cost for a regular bottle of beer from the grocery is almost a dollar a bottle. Craft beer is much more. How many times have you tipped over the bottle? There goes another dollar wasted. Now count up rug cleaning costs, upholstery cleaning, change of clothes and paper towel costs. Not to mention time wasted on cleaning up.


  • No more forgotten flat beer. How many times have you sat down with a bottle and something came up? By the time you return, your beer is flat and warm. If you have a Pop & Stop, you could have capped it and put it back in the cooler. If you’re in a group and you walk away, later when you return, no one knows whose beer is whose so you all get new ones. If you had a Pop & Stop, you would see the cap and claim your bottle.


  • No more looking around for a bottle opener. It’s on your keychain. Throw out that lucky rabbits foot keychain because it isn’t working for you anyway. Pop & Stop comes in multiple colors so pick the one that speaks to you. You won’t misplace your keys with a brightly colored Pop & Stop. And imagine your chivalry when you see someone with a new bottle of beer and you walk up, reach into your pocket and open it for them.

As you are purchasing one for yourself, consider other friends and family members who could benefit from the Pop & Stop. They make great stocking stuffers or hang it from a bow-wrapped 6-pack of craft beer for a unique gift. If you are a small business owner, don’t forget that Pop & Stop can be printed with your business logo. Wholesale pricing applies for bulk orders.

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