US Flag Pop & Stop 2 in 1 Bottle Opener and Sealer – 12 or 22oz


Pop & Stop was born out of exasperation. How to keep a beer? You can reseal wine, even champagne. But beer?  It just gets poured out.

You crack open that delicious beer, a bomber you’ve been saving for months, pour a glass, and enjoy. You come back to your beer, it’s flat. In tears, you cry out: “WHY?!? … Why isn’t there something invented to prevent this?” Perhaps you are savoring your favorite beer throughout the night and just want to keep it fresh. Or maybe you just you don’t want your beer spilling all over where it shouldn’t be!

Enter Pop & Stop, the bottle opener and sealer. Key chain sized, it’s perfect for replacing that old bottle opener you have because it comes with the added capability of sealing the beer bottle, trapping that wonderful, wonderful carbonation. Pop & Stop is ideal for you and really, anyone who loves beer. It makes a great gift and it won’t break the bank.

Pop & Stop is made from a sturdy material, complete with a silicone pad that provides the seal to keep the carbonation in and the bad stuff out. All materials are of course, food safe, and this product is made and designed in the USA by fellow lovers of effervescent beverages!


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x .5 in

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